Frequently Asked Questions

You have several alternatives:
  1. You can contact us on [email protected] 
  2. You can find us in major events around the MENA region and Silicon Valley so drop us a line when you see us.
  3. We love referrals from our network, this means we are connected to top mentors, VCs and founders of our portfolio companies, ask for a strong information backed referral from your connections and we’ll take it from there.

We are very proud and excited about receiving a wonderful amount of applications. That being said, we cannot promise a clear short time span in which we will respond. What we can say is, if we are interested, you will definitely get an answer.

Yes, definitely! Sometimes, it takes more than one application to get the funding you need. If you have been rejected, then you need to do your part and make more progress and find quality mentorship then reapply. We love a resilient founder!

No, please don’t. While we love resilience and persistence, it is very unlikely someone from our team is available to meet with you if come over without an appointment. What really gets us going is a complete application or a strong referral from someone from our network.

Valuations are hardly negotiable, simply because there is a science of sorts every VC applies when it comes to valuing a company. Maybe you should benefit from the feedback your receive and make some progress on the company in order to increase the valuation to the number you want.

Depending on what stage your startup is at, you will receive funding in exchange for equity as well as other forms of support such as constant monitoring, helping in acquisition and strategy, periodical meetings and one on one mentorship scheduling with the world’s top experts in all vertical. We also believe in the importance of creativity, PR/Branding and innovation and cross-industry collaboration so expect your experience and your startup to go beyond all expectations.

This FAQ list is still in progress. If you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us.