Mohamed Hossam joins Endure

Mohamed Hossam joins Endure


We are pleased to announce Mohamed Hossam has joined the firm as our newest member of the management team.

As early-stage investors, we are acutely aware of the challenges founders face every day, and a big part of our job is to help them as much as we can without creating codependencies.     

Blessed with the gift of “Getting Things Done", Mohamed started “Internet Plus” a software house, directly after his graduation in 1997. 

Out of this company, he built several startups and had a series of successful exits.

He founded “Ratteb” to be the first websites analytics provider in MENA, co-founded “Bentelhalal" in 2003 and sold it to Maktoob in 2005, built Shams Games in 2006 and also sold it in 2007, and later in the year founded one of the most popular destinations in the web at that time “Fatakat”, and had his 3rd exit in 2014 after reaching the top 500 websites worldwide. 

In my years in startups, I have never seen someone who is genuinely interested in helping aspiring and strong-willed entrepreneurs build enduring companies like Mohamed.

Our job, as early-stage venture capitalists, does not scale. It is defined by service to entrepreneurs and the teams they build. We just help them to realize their vision and the potential of their companies. Whether it is recruiting a key executive, making a strategic decision, helping them find their product market fit or taking a company public. A productive and honest dialog between a CEO and his supporter/investor can contribute considerably to outcomes. 

Therefore, we always take pride in the craft of early-stage venture investing and being entrepreneurs turned investors. We are lucky to have Mohamed on board. Welcome to Endure!